Selling your large motorhome or special vehicle on a no cure – no pay basis

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If your large motorhome is for sale at World Next Door motorhome broker, potential interested parties will come across your motorhome in many ways.

We provide beautiful presentations with a lot of information and good photos on dozens of websites.
World Next Door motorhome broker starts a campaign that is completely focused on your motorhome or special vehicle. Depending on your motorhome, we place it on the largest motorhome websites in Europe; and

World Next Door creates a 3-dimensional, interactive, virtual tour of your large RV

We make a digital 3D model of your motorhome so that interested parties can view your motorhome online as if they are actually in it. This modern approach means that we can show and sell your large motorhome much better. The results achieved so far speak for themselves.
Unlike photos, a 3-dimensional presentation cannot be edited and gives a 100% pure representation of reality.

Transparency at its best!

The sales price

When we determine the market-based sales price of your motorhome or special vehicle together with you, this includes the brokerage, advertising, presentation, advertisements, contracts and financial settlement. We offer you a very professional sales process with the greatest chance of sale and take all the sales work off your hands from A to Z.

Buy a motorhome? How we can help you:

We will help you immediately after your first inquiry with us. We try to answer any questions you may have. We do our best to inform you objectively prior to the viewing. Of course we help you make a realistic offer, if it is not a fixed price.
We will use our position as mediator to bring the negotiations between buyer and seller to a successful conclusion, even if unexpected problems arise along the way.


All necessary paperwork for a transfer of ownership is checked by us.
For you as a buyer it is important that the motorhome is free of debts and attachments and that the seller is actually the owner.

Test drive and inspection

We recommend that you take a test drive and have a purchase inspection carried out. The buyer pays for the inspection. We arrange the appointment for the inspection. You can be present at this inspection. Occasionally a major defect is found in a motorhome. As a buyer, you can of course get out of the sale without any obligations. In the case of minor defects, we help buyer and seller find the right solution, usually a settlement of the costs.

Protecting your payments

Only after transfer of the motorhome to the buyer and after signing the deed of transfer, the purchase price is transferred to the seller. In the case of private transactions, this is a potentially risky moment, but not with us.

What task do we perform as a broker:

We ensure that the buyer gets a clear picture of the motorhome on the basis of the information known to us and the information provided by the seller. We make a price agreement, subject to test drive, technical purchase inspection, financing and any further agreed resolutive factors. Upon transfer to the buyer, the purchase agreement and settlements are discussed and signed.
The certificate of indemnity, the agreements and invoices will be handed over to the seller or, if absent, sent by registered mail. The amount due to the seller is transferred immediately, in his/her presence, to the specified bank account number.
In the event that the seller resides abroad or is unable to attend the transfer due to circumstances, we will keep him/her informed of all developments by e-mail and telephone or via Whatsapp and SMS.