Mediation – Buy a motorhome

The first application

We will help you right after your first inquiry and try to answer any questions you may have.
We do our best to inform you as objectively as possible, also to avoid unnecessary disappointments during a viewing.

Make an offer on a motorhome

If you have found the motorhome or camper to your liking and are considering a purchase
Before proceeding, we will first make a price agreement subject to a test drive, purchase inspection, financing and any further agreements.

We will of course help you make a realistic offer if it is not a fixed price.
If an offer is accepted, we draw up the sales agreement in which the conditions and agreements are laid down.


We will use our position as mediator to bring the negotiations between buyer and seller to a successful conclusion, even if unexpected problems arise along the way.

Test drive and inspection

We always recommend that you take a test drive and have a purchase inspection carried out.
Of course you do not owe any costs if you decide not to use the camper after the test drive
to buy. The buyer pays for the inspection. We arrange the appointment for the inspection.
You can be present at this inspection. Occasionally a major defect is found in a motorhome. As a buyer, you can of course get out of the sale without any obligations.
In the case of minor defects, we help buyer and seller find the right solution, usually a settlement of the costs.

Organizing financing, insurance and paperwork

All necessary paperwork for a transfer of ownership is checked by us.
For you as a buyer it is important that the motorhome is free of debts and attachments and that the seller is actually the owner. Of course you want to have your new property properly insured.
We have good contacts with the most reputable companies in this field and have
the in-house knowledge to support you in making the right choices.
We will use our position as broker to bring the negotiations between you and the seller to a successful conclusion, even if unexpected problems arise during this process.

On the day of the handover, when you come to collect the motorhome, the purchase agreement and associated settlements will be discussed with you and the seller. Together with you, we will transfer the registration papers and put them in your name. A valid driver’s license or ID is required. The amount due to the seller is subsequently
transferred in his/her presence to the specified account number.
The indemnity certificate, the agreements and invoices are handed over to the seller or
sent by registered mail.

We will keep you informed of all developments by e-mail and telephone or via Whatsapp and SMS.

You see “we arrange everything”.

Protecting your payments

After transfer of the motorhome to the buyer and after signing the deed of transfer,
the purchase price is transferred to the seller. In the case of private transactions, this is
a potentially risky moment, but not with us.