Mediation – Selling a motorhome

Sell ​​your large motorhome or special vehicle on a no cure – no pay basis!

  • The search for the right broker to sell your large motorhome is not always easy.
  • The above also applies to selling a special vehicle.
  • Does the broker actually have enough experience with large motorhomes?
  • Can he quickly identify the unique characteristics of my motorhome?
  • Can I count on a customer-centric approach?
  • These are exactly the questions why many sellers choose World Next Door

What does our service entail?

Because we can show and advertise your large motorhome or special vehicle three-dimensionally and interactively throughout Europe, your chance of selling at home and abroad with us is many times greater. We offer you a very professional sales network with the highest probability of sale and take all the sales work off your hands. The motorhome always remains your property, the license plates and spare keys remain in your possession.

For 26 years we have exclusively mediated in the sale of motorhomes from third parties, do not sell our own motorhomes and work with pre-agreed amounts, including 3-Dimensional recordings, presentation, professional photos, advertisements, contracts and financial settlement.

We will find the buyer for your motorhome or special vehicle in the shortest possible time by presenting it optimally on all leading websites at home and abroad in order to reach the right audience that is looking for a motorhome like yours.

A result-oriented 3-dimensional professional presentation increases the chance of sales many times over.

What do we all do for you

World Next Door motorhome broker will immediately have a complete digital 3D model made of your motorhome when it is put up for sale, which creates a completely different experience than when using traditional photo material. The results we achieve with this ensure that we can show your motorhome much better to a potential buyer. Through this interactive way of presentation we bring your camper to the attention at home and abroad and sell the campers throughout Europe. Just look at the offer page.
We start a campaign that is completely focused on your motorhome or special vehicle, offer you a great and real chance of sale and take care of everything from A to Z. From test drive to inspection, from negotiation to financial settlement, from agreements to legal guidance.

Viewings, inspection, test drive and transfer of your motorhome

You don’t have to spend any more time on this, we take care of the entire sale of your motorhome.
World Next Door motorhome broker guarantees you a solid and reliable partner.
We will use our position as broker to bring the negotiations between you and the buyer to a successful conclusion, even if unexpected problems arise during this process. On the day of the transfer, when the buyer comes to collect the camper, you hand over the registration papers and spare keys to us. The purchase agreement and associated settlements are signed by you and the buyer. After the registration papers have been transferred and registered in your name, the amount due is immediately transferred to the specified account number in your presence. We will give you the certificate of indemnity, the agreements and invoices or send them by registered post.
We will keep you informed of all developments by e-mail, telephone, WhatsApp and SMS.
“we take care of everything”.